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  • Two-way multi-lingual online translation (with the usual warning about the weaknesses of automated translations):  Babel fish
  • Two-way multi-lingual online translation, with more possibilities to obtain French versions of documents (but with same warnings as for Babel fish ...) is available at Google
  • Two-way dictionary between English and French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Indonesian, Swahili and others: clic here.
  • Two-way LEO dictionaries (in collaboration with the TU München, with many technical terms): German-English, German-French and German-Spanish.
    Further links for German vs. Italian, Chinese and Russian exist on that website.
  • Interactive help on French conjugation (also on numbers in letters): Leconjugeur
  • Linguee: High-level translation from French to other languages. clic here.
  • Collection of multi-lingual and specialized dictionaries: Erlanger Liste (page on German).

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