IRAM Data Archive

The IRAM Data Archive comprises two parts:

  • the Large Program Archive gives access to data products of Large Programs carried out with the IRAM telescopes
  • the Science Data Archive provides access to data of regular science projects obtained with both IRAM telescopes


The IRAM Large Program Archive

The IRAM Large Program Archive is the collection point for research carried out at the IRAM observatories in the framework of a Large Program. The goal of the Large Program Archive is to provide images, calibrated data cubes, and uv data from the 30-m telescope, NOEMA, and the former Plateau de Bure interferometer, and make these science products available to the astronomical community at the end of the regular data proprietary period. The IRAM Large Program Archive is the result of a joint effort between IRAM, the principal investigators of the Large Programs and their collaborators.

According to the Large Program policy, the Large Program data become public after an 18 months proprietary period, counting from the end of the semester in which the project was completed.

The IRAM Large Program Archive is divided into three sections: Completed, Ongoing, and Early-Science Large Programs:


The IRAM Science Data Archive

The IRAM Science Data Archive contains online calibrated data from the IRAM 30-meter telescope (gildas/class format) and raw data from NOEMA and its predecessor, the PdBI (gildas/clic format).

Header information of IRAM observations can be found at the CDS (Centre de Données astronomiques de Strasbourg) for old PdBI and new NOEMA data and for the 30-meter telescope.

Data can be requested for individual normal programs after a three-year proprietary period, counting from the end of the last semester of observations. If a program is divided into individual sub-projects, the three-year proprietary period starts at the end of the semester in which the last sub-program has been completed.

Requests for archival data should be submitted by e-mail to, specifying the identification number of the program (or sub-program). The project identification number can be retrieved from the above links at the CDS. All requests for data access from the archive are contingent on approval by IRAM. Requests that ask for more than one program will not be approved. Calibrated data of Large Programs are directly available through the IRAM Large Program Archive, no extra request is necessary to access these data.

The user will be informed about the approval status. If approved, IRAM will communicate the name of the user to the principal investigator of the program for which the request is made. The user will then be given access to the Science Data Archive download area. IRAM does not provide support for data reduction of such retrieved data.

Users of the Science Data Archive are required to acknowledge the source of the data in their publications: "Based on data from the IRAM Science Data Archive. These data were obtained by [PI_name] with the [IRAM 30-meter telescope/IRAM NOEMA observatory] under project ID [program_ID]." In addition,  their publication should at least contain one reference to any resulting publications of the PI team.